Welcome to the Education and Support for Parents website!


Welcome to the Education and Support for Parents website. Here you’ll find all the guidance and resources you need to help you do the best for your children. Being a parent can often feel like facing one momentous decision after another. To immunize or not to immunize? Are the shots safe? How much TV is too much TV? To send them to school or to home school them? What is the best diet for growing bodies? How can you best activate and stimulate young minds? Aside from family members, who can you turn to for help and support for all these critical issues?

The Education and Support for Parents team have all been there. That is why we set up this website. We hope to provide you with a one stop portal for all those major decisions you have to make as a parent. You want your child to excel at school, to grow up healthy and strong, to be happy and content. You don’t want to be the cause of any issues later on down the line. You just want to do the best you can by them. We understand. We want to help you do the best you can by them. We are here for you.

We hope our site covers all the major parenting issues you will face. If there is anything you want to discuss, but that you do not see mentioned here, let us know. We are always glad for feedback. Because that’s all this site is – feedback. We feedback our parenting experiences to benefit you, and hopefully you do the same for others. Let’s work together to give our kids the best start in life. If you are interested in Education and Support for Parents, feel free to contact us.

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This website has nothing to do with the old Parenting Education & Support Forum website.

For more information regarding the Parenting Education & Support Forum please contact them directly at Unit 431 Highgate Studios, 53-79 Highgate Road, London NW5 1TL, on 020 7284 8370, or via pesf@dial.pipex.com.